The Author Of Death...

Rhyme Terror At It's Finest!


The Lastest Release From SageInfinite "Sleeper Cell" 

Entirely Produced By Won87


Infinite Passion

Hailing from the garden state of New Jersey, SageInfinite learned to express his thoughts and dreams through rhyme. After hearing Nas's "It Was Written" his fate was set, he knew what his mission was. Beats and rhymes would command his time and attention for eternity.

Infinite Soul

The Soul of 90's hip-hop lives forever through SageInfinite. Constantly finding ways to adapt to the modern landscape, SageInfinite's lyrical prowess shines on every landscape provided.. Whether trap, or boom bap, SageInfinite shows why his soul is Infinite.

Infinite Inspiration

SageInfinite is inspired by any and everything around him. With the ability to craft novels through rhymes, SageInfinite can tell you the latest street tale, a gripping story of love and loss, or the latest political conspiracies and scandal. The future is Infinite.


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